414 Commits (3a35bee743d1d17e05ab3bf9da8c174353b5da3c)

Author SHA1 Message Date
WentaoWong fe06b461ee APP_Framework/Framework/:add Kconfig file and SConscript file about CMSIS-NN (version 5) 9 months ago
Wang_Weigen 1c60efe8a8 add debug info 9 months ago
Wang_Weigen 32cb324324 repair the total bin crc failed problem 9 months ago
Wang_Weigen 592ca413e8 sync with upstream 9 months ago
Wang_Weigen f24189d7e1 repair ota failed by add mutex protect 9 months ago
Wang_Weigen 9d970e7832 add mutex protection for adapter agent 9 months ago
Wang_Weigen 5a8b6d79aa repair somebug of ota/nbiot/adapter agent 9 months ago
chunyexixiaoyu e0c78f200b APP_Framework/Applications/:add TJpgDec example,notes the macro definition (WORK_POOL_SIZE),this value depends on the resolution of the image,user set. 9 months ago
xuedongliang 86b1d9c77d support adapter_ethernet and adapter_lora function from Liu Weichao 9 months ago
chunyexixiaoyu e33b0d0264 APP_Framework/Applications/:add configuration file about TJpgDec example 9 months ago
chunyexixiaoyu 2b69d31744 APP_Framework/Framework/:add TJpgDec(Tiny JPEG Decompressor)source code 9 months ago
chunyexixiaoyu a9ac7efed2 APP_Framework/Framework/:add Kconfig file and SConscript file about TJpgDec(Tiny JPEG Decompressor) 9 months ago
Liu_Weichao 5fe8fb59b2 Merge branch 'wang_weigen_master' of https://git.trustie.net/xuos/xiuos into xiuos_connection 9 months ago
Liu_Weichao 7a172fd136 1、support adapter_lora gateway and client state-machine-model;2、fix aiit-arm32-board usb compile error. 9 months ago
xuedongliang ca74d5cb93 Add QEMU support for XiUOS based on Cortex-M4 9 months ago
Wang_Weigen 251846604a repair ota_server.c 9 months ago
Wang_Weigen 2930757728 add the totle length with the last frame of ota server 9 months ago
Wang_Weigen 25cd73821f fix a bug of malloc big memory failed 9 months ago
Wang_Weigen eb14677832 1.add an API of finding the first user task in xiuos task manage list; 2.add restart application after ota 9 months ago
Liu_Weichao c631063b7a support adapter_lora and sx1278 device on aiit-arm32-board 9 months ago
Wang_Weigen f3d527cf70 delete useless code 9 months ago
Wang_Weigen b3c770dd26 delete useless code 9 months ago
Wang_Weigen 8609045f2a repair 'mount sd card' 9 months ago
Wang_Weigen 9959ec6470 1.repair the separate compile error;2.modify ota init task 9 months ago
Wang_Weigen 8b2eee0aa0 reapir ota save bin process 9 months ago
Wang_Weigen 224201ba55 add application bin ota function by 4G adapter,this function need save the app bin to sdcard and startup the app from sdcrad 9 months ago
xuedongliang dfdc29b1d8 add K210 fft test 10 months ago
xuedongliang 410178e426 add BC28 of NBIoT for connection adapter 10 months ago
bj 471e2d7920 cotex-m4-emulator2 10 months ago
chunyexixiaoyu e69139c6b9 APP_Framework/Applications/:add k210 fft(fast Fourier transform) example. 10 months ago
chunyexixiaoyu 4c0b05b752 Ubiquitous/RT_Thread/:rt-thread version update to fix the bug that tensflow lite for mcu can't be compiled. 10 months ago
Wang_Weigen 281a3b672a debug nbiot pass with some modification 10 months ago
Liu_Weichao 7b82f2a60b support adapter_ethernet and hfa21 device 10 months ago
bj 2f86d928c6 cortex-m4-emulator 10 months ago
Wang_Weigen abe138ab27 remove redefinition and repair compile error 10 months ago
Wang_Weigen 9bf26cdbf9 sync wangweigen_master 10 months ago
Wang_Weigen 267528408e repair wait time for 'ATOrderSend',optimize bc28 api 10 months ago
xuedongliang 3f13410d96 support aiit-arm32-board for nuttx 10 months ago
xuedongliang ac588f2fcf support adapter_4g and fix connections bugs 10 months ago
xuedongliang 7d5149af24 update k210 bsp and solve lcd display problem 10 months ago
wang lingyu 48a19fe349 support aiit-arm32-board 10 months ago
wang lingyu 25221ac786 support aiit-arm32-board for nuttx 10 months ago
Liu_Weichao 06c9c6ecc4 refactor connection directory to follow code standards 10 months ago
Liu_Weichao 8f6cac9797 fix adapter_bluetooth test function bugs 10 months ago
Liu_Weichao 8aac82b1b4 support adapter_4G send and receive data function 10 months ago
chunyexixiaoyu bea5eda2e0 APP_Framework/Applications:update face detect and instrusion detect ,the version had been tested for long time,and its's stable. 10 months ago
chunyexixiaoyu 43f19c4b55 Ubiquitous/RT_Thread/: add lcd test example update main.c function when it starts. 10 months ago
chunyexixiaoyu a184611226 Ubiquitous/RT_Thread/:update K210 bsp base on https://github.com/kendryte/K210-Micropython-OpenMV 10 months ago
chunyexixiaoyu 0eee31179c Ubiquitous/RT_Thread/:update stm32 configure file and solve ov2640 driver compile bug. 10 months ago
chunyexixiaoyu ecfbdb207f Ubiquitous/RT_Thread/:update submodule version 10 months ago