414 Commits (3a35bee743d1d17e05ab3bf9da8c174353b5da3c)

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yangtuo250 203184e18c fix(bsp/k210): resolve conflict of 235dcb761c path changed 8 months ago
yangtuo250 c07c918150 refactor(knowing app): add common k210 yolov2 detection procedure 8 months ago
yangtuo250 d368db9e76 refactor(knowing apps): yolov2 json parser 8 months ago
chunyexixiaoyu 235dcb761c Ubiquitous/RT_Thread/:change the path name 8 months ago
Wang_Weigen 4a8ac7c02b repair ch4 test 8 months ago
chunyexixiaoyu de27c59e51 Ubiquitous/RT_Thread/: update file system 8 months ago
chunyexixiaoyu d71c5fcd2f Ubiquitous/RT_Thread/:add romfs file system ,including SD and FLASH directory 8 months ago
Wang_Weigen e366c8817c repair a bug of inputting password of shell 8 months ago
Wang_Weigen f2ba792380 sync upstream branch and add 'as830' sensor of ch4 8 months ago
xuedongliang cc6c459e7b fix APP_Framework bugs,include sensor framework and Applications 8 months ago
Liu_Weichao e9e9080ae0 delete useless DIR connection_app/ and app_test/ 8 months ago
Liu_Weichao ead80da91f fix that i2c device of sensor framework cannot set i2c address 8 months ago
xuedongliang c9db5635b0 add framework configuration select from Wang_Weigen 8 months ago
xuedongliang 3397a5245b Add the cortex-m0 support for XiUOS & Fix bugs on M3 and serial device from ysm 8 months ago
Wang_Weigen 85cbc7717e add framework configuration select 8 months ago
Kiritoy 58060874d6 rebase prepare_for_master branch 8 months ago
Kiritoy a080d98470 Restore the file directory structure 9 months ago
Kiritoy 4aacf28974 add cortex-m0 support and fix some bugs 9 months ago
xuedongliang 1dfb44a706 1、fix third_party_usb data format bugs; 2、feat riscv64 usb mount file system function. 8 months ago
xuedongliang 3306194902 add gd32vf103_rvstar board for xiuos 8 months ago
Wang_Weigen fa1637ffbd sync upstream 8 months ago
Liu_Weichao c1036ec9a2 Merge branch 'wang_weigen_master' of https://git.trustie.net/xuos/xiuos into xiuos_connection 8 months ago
Liu_Weichao a7baf1e7ed fix third_party_usb/usbhost data format bugs 8 months ago
xuedongliang 4405b85eae add XiUOS/stm32f103-nano board feature,support uart1 and shell function 8 months ago
Wang_Weigen b76b1506cd modify board name in readme 8 months ago
Wang_Weigen b1e7057b17 add bin file flash way of gd32vf103_rvstar in READ.md 8 months ago
chunyexixiaoyu 6816dc023a update .gitmodules file 8 months ago
Wang_Weigen 644f2bbf37 add gd32vf103 'README.md' 8 months ago
Wang_Weigen 19bd5a4705 repair the uart input of gd32fv103_rvstar 8 months ago
chunyexixiaoyu d99d4e8f52 APP_Framework/Applications/:eliminate some warnings about menuconfig in linux 8 months ago
Wang_Weigen b1264ad3c9 Merge branch 'wang_weigen_master' of https://git.trustie.net/xuos/xiuos into develop 9 months ago
Wang_Weigen 607b8ca017 transplant development board of gd32vf103_rvstar 9 months ago
Liu_Weichao a21ca4af2a fix XiUOS/stm32f103-nano board README.md error 9 months ago
Liu_Weichao a51473d791 Merge branch 'wang_weigen_master' of https://git.trustie.net/xuos/xiuos into xiuos_connection 9 months ago
Liu_Weichao 20b852eb38 add XiUOS/stm32f103-nano board support, feat shell and docs stack-heap-optimize advice 9 months ago
chunyexixiaoyu 60ce72b37a Ubiquitous/RT_Thread/bsp/:fix the problem that the iic parameters were changed when menuconfig 9 months ago
xuedongliang 20bc1e6e8b cortex-m4-emulator support 9 months ago
Liu_Weichao c78ab5242c Merge branch 'wang_weigen_master' of https://git.trustie.net/xuos/xiuos into xiuos_connection 9 months ago
Liu_Weichao a42f20ab3c add XiUOS/stm32f103-nano board support, task create function has some bugs 9 months ago
bj 668796ee18 技术文档与视频 9 months ago
xuedongliang 2356e42955 update knowing framework and ov2640 driver from Tian Chunyu 9 months ago
xuedongliang 3653ac690d it is OK 9 months ago
chunyexixiaoyu c30ba15c6f Merge branch 'wang_dev' of https://git.trustie.net/chunyexixiaoyu/xiuos into wang_dev 9 months ago
chunyexixiaoyu 0379084f40 Ubiquitous/RT_Thread/:update ov2640 drivers to adapt the hardware,IIC two wires(SCL SDA) switched due to due to hardware design. 9 months ago
chunyexixiaoyu e70244d75e Add cmsis- nn for ARM board , it has been verified on stm32f407-atk-board 9 months ago
Wang_Weigen 4fc79c211a add a tip 9 months ago
Wang_Weigen ac69e135ca repair a bug of restart main after ota 9 months ago
WentaoWong 49caa6e533 APP_Framework/Applications/:add CMSIS-NN (version 5) cifar10 example 9 months ago
WentaoWong 96ca3b18f1 APP_Framework/Applications/:add configuration file about CMSIS-NN (version 5) cifar10 example 9 months ago
WentaoWong 86cb28ee4f APP_Framework/Framework/:add CMSIS-NN (version 5) source code 9 months ago