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What Is JCCE

JCCE management platform is a set of comprehensive open source platform to realize the wide area management of computing resources and intelligent operation and maintenance. Designed to provide "maximum benefit" solutions that are heterogeneous across the cloud, diversified storage, open to service, and intelligently regulated. Meet multi-tenant, highly elastic, widely distributed demand scenarios to help users free themselves from cumbersome and complex basic resource operations, scheduling, statistical operations, and focus more on the business itself.

JCCE Architecture

For more details please check out our Architecture Guide.

Resource Panel

Based on Kubernetes container cluster, it supports the operation of cloud-native computing, cloud-native storage, and cloud-native network. In cloud-native computing, bare metal nodes and edge nodes are containerized, cloud-native storage is supported by various types of storage plug-ins and storage managers, and cloud-native networks are built with network plug-ins and network managers.

Control Panel

Supports intelligent management of basic resources, management scheduling and operational monitoring. In the control layer, the cluster from nodes, containers, storage, mirroring, virtual machine multidimensional management, the construction, use, destruction of resources for unified configuration and scheduling, the container life cycle of all-round operation and maintenance monitoring, for abnormal situations, issued alarms, and according to different alarm status to enable intelligent scheduling algorithm, timely adjustment of the job.

  • Negotiate based on smartcontract: Intelligent consultation between supply and demand parties, aimed at the most cost-effective solution to achieve user goals.
  • Operations monitoring: The full stack covers the overall operation process and quickly locates alarms and anomalies from top to bottom.
  • Manage and schedule: The full life cycle management of cloud resource services is carried out to maximize the utilization of cloud resources through flexible management and rational allocation.

Business Panel

Presents control business functions that users care about. Includes two-dimensional control of containers and virtual machines to support storage, networking, billing capabilities in the deployment environment. The following will be different industries, different disciplines into the business application plane, unified management, use.

Information Panel

  • JointCloud Ledger Static trading commitment certificate, dynamic API economic behavior certificate, attribution and income right confirmation Move intensive processing operations under the chain to improve scalability and reduce latency, and off-chain computing ensures data privacy and auditability of behavioral processes. The chain is responsible for the verification, audit, the chain is responsible for the calculation.


See the Installation to implement the image classification.


See the Quick Start to implement the image classification.


More details about installation guide, tutorials and APIs, please see the User Documentation.



Check out how jcce Open Governance works.



Welcome contributions. See our Contributor Wiki for more details.

Maintenance phases

Project stable branches will be in one of the following states:

Maintenance status

Release Notes

The release notes, see our RELEASE.


Apache License 2.0