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Migrated to OpenCL using Boost.Compute
Results of example/testdedisp seems passable compared to original CUDA version, though not tested seriously.

Installation: just make && make install it. If it can't be built, check CL_INCLUDE_DIR and BOOST_COMPUTE_INLCUDE_DIR in

Below is the original Readme.


This repositry is derived from Ben Barsdell's original GPU De-dedispersion library (

Installation Instructions:

  1. git clone
  2. Update with your CUDA path, Install Dir and GPU architecture. e.g.
    • CUDA_PATH ?= /usr/local/cuda-8.0.61
    • INSTALL_DIR = $(HOME)/opt/dedisp
    • GPU_ARCH = sm_60
  3. make && make install

This will build a shared object library named which is a prerequisite for Heimdall. The dedisp header files will be installed into INSTALL_DIR/include and the library into INSTALL_DIR/lib.