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Face detection demo

A face object detection task demo. Running MobileNet-yolo on K210-based edge devices.


kmodel from GitHub.


compile and burn

Use (scons --)menuconfig in bsp folder (Ubiquitous/RT_Thread/bsp/k210), open:

  • More Drivers --> ov2640 driver
  • Board Drivers Config --> Enable LCD on SPI0
  • Board Drivers Config --> Enable SDCARD (spi1(ss0))
  • Board Drivers Config --> Enable DVP(camera)
  • RT-Thread Components --> POSIX layer and C standard library --> Enable pthreads APIs
  • APP_Framework --> Framework --> support knowing framework --> kpu model postprocessing --> yolov2 region layer
  • APP_Framework --> Applications --> knowing app --> enable apps/face detect

scons -j(n) to compile and burn in by kflash.

json config and kmodel

Copy json config for deployment o SD card /kmodel. Example config file is detect.json in this directory. Copy final kmodel to SD card /kmodel either.


In serial terminal, face_detect to start a detection thread, face_detect_delete to stop it. Detection results can be found in output.