36 Commits (b3667294edbd284992b5b1bea1c19a8a7b6036c8)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Liu Yongkai b3667294ed feat(face_detect): read all parameters from SD card json file 1 year ago
Liu Yongkai af42ebca62 feat(.gitignore): add rtt bsp k210 gitignore & macOS gitignore 1 year ago
Liu_Kai 61cd542d92 add wifi adapter support on XIUOS/aiit-arm32-board 1 year ago
chunyexixiaoyu 38d2cb3c85 APP_Framework/Framework/:update knowing framework 1 year ago
chunyexixiaoyu fcd14e038e APP_Framework/:fix some Kconfig file in Applications and Framework. and change know to knowing ,remove uncomfortable file(their location is wrong) 1 year ago
chunyexixiaoyu 5b9cbad759 Ubiquitous/RT_Thread: fix lcd drive for k210 ,before lcd drive can't work with spi. 1 year ago
chunyexixiaoyu fedd6affc9 Ubiquitous/RT_Thread/:add rw007 driver and ov2640 driver 1 year ago
Liu_Weichao 86ef526303 add APP_Framework/Framework/connection function 1 year ago
Wang_Weigen f564ef8d28 add user api printf 1 year ago
Wang_Weigen 0e496a791f modify the configuration of app frame 1 year ago
chunyexixiaoyu 223933b6f9 Ubiquitous/RT_Thread/:add K210 bsp 1 year ago
chunyexixiaoyu 1df91a6b3c Ubiquitous/RT_Thread/:import K210 sdk as sub module and change rt-thread version 1 year ago
Liu_Weichao fc505837b9 add sensor framework 1 year ago
Wang_Weigen 579956c027 Modify framework content 1 year ago
chunyexixiaoyu 2faece8dc6 Ubiquitous/RT_Thread/:add stm32f407-atk-coreboard bsp in bsp folder. 1 year ago
chunyexixiaoyu e85b0832e1 Ubiquitous\RT_Thread\:add Kconfig file and SConscript file in drivers folder 1 year ago
chunyexixiaoyu 8de08a5ae1 Ubiquitous/RT_Thread/:add rt-thread as sub modules 1 year ago
TangYiwen123 cd964dff27 add a readme file 2 years ago
TangYiwen123 6d0f2ca39a modify nuttx bug of lack of files 2 years ago
Wang_Weigen f5ef4304ff fix a bug of compiler failed 2 years ago
Zhao_Jiasheng 9158349752 Add APP_Framework Kconfig 2 years ago
Zhao_Jiasheng cb87bea665 Add sensor, modify makefile 2 years ago
TangYiwen123 b907bfab1c Add nuttx to the system framework, which is 10.1.0 2 years ago
TangYiwen123 804bd57aa0 Add nuttx to the system framework, which is 10.1.0 2 years ago
yudongdong 8b1a886e13 Fix Lwip client bug. 2 years ago
Zhao_Jiasheng 33388e60ab Adjust directory structure 2 years ago
Zhao_Jiasheng 89a2236b18 Adjust directory structure 2 years ago